Robertson County TN Real Estate Market

robertson county tn real estate market

Robertson County TN Real Estate Market Report | September 2020

The Robertson County TN Real Estate Market is rebounding nicely with more homeowners listing and selling their homes in September. The Average Home Sales price is up 12.4 % over 2019. Inventory levels are up 18.2 % from 2019. Closed Home Sales are up 13.6% over 2019 and up 17.5% over the past 2 years. The rebound could be from homeowners who would have normally listed in the Summer and delayed their move until the Fall. One thing is for sure it’s definitely a great time to sell a home in Robertson County and the Greater Nashville Area. Let’s Connect and Get You Moving!

Average Home Sales Price

Home Inventory Levels

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Born and Raised in Nashville, TN I've seen the Good and the Bad when it comes to the Nashville TN Real Estate Market. I've worked in this area for the past 15 years and helped it recover from the Housing Crisis of 2008 and Rise from the Flood of 2010. I have a Strong background in Digital Marketing and can help give your home the edge it needs in today's Digital Real Estate World. 

Buying a home presents many challenges that require a keen eye and knowledge of the area to avoid buying a Money Pit.  I can help you avoid those pitfalls and sleep well knowing your investment is secure. I work with several home builders and if finding that perfect piece of land is your goal. I can help you Build Your Dream Home 🏠.

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