7 Tips to Spring Into Home Maintenance in Nashville TN

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Spring Maintenance Tips After a Harsh Winter


1. Clean Gutters & Down Spouts

Remove all debris from gutters and downspouts and don’t forget to wear gloves. Clean out left over debris with a garden hose and make sure downspouts are flowing water five feet away from foundation.

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The best way to clean gutters (www.FamilyHandyman.com)


2. Inspect the Roof for Damaged Shingles

Inspect the roof from afar on the  ground. Look for any visible signs of loose, curling or cracked shingles. Look for dimples in the shingle caused by hail damage in late fall. If you see any signs of damage it is time to contact your local Roofing Contractor.

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How to check your roof for Winter damage. (www.ddroofing.com)

3. Spring Clean Windows

Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight if at all possible and pick your cleaning solution of choice. Make sure to use a light brush to get rid of debris on the outside of the window and don’t forget the squeegee to help prevent streaking.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Washing Windows. (www.windsorwindows.com)

4. Check Smoke Detectors and Change Air Filters

Spring is a great time to replace your batteries in your smoke detectors and run the Beep test. You should also change out your air filters to breathe in that clean Spring air. New air filters will also help keep out those dreaded Spring allergens that are so common here in the Middle Tennessee area.

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How to Test All of Your Smoke Detectors. (www.allstate.com)

5. Check Your Sprinkler System for Ice & Snow Damage

Before turning the water on to your Sprinkler system you want to check all of the pop up heads and make sure you didn’t accidentally knock one off scraping the ice off of your sidewalk. Next, check all the visible lines for cracks and rot. Lastly, turn the system on and check for any leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

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Seasonal Sprinkler Checks (www.premierlawncare.com)


6. Spring HVAC Maintenance

Don’t forget to clean the drainage hole on your unit, clean your bathroom vents and replace air filters. Then call your local HVAC repair man for a Spring tune-up.

hvac units on concrete slab, spring hvac maintenance nashville tn

Spring HVAC Tips (www.midstateairandheat.com)

7. Wood Fence & Deck Inspection

First you want to check for structural integrity. Check the ledger flashing and make sure no screws have come loose. Second, check for wood rot, loose boards and pop up nails. Third, clean your deck with a deck cleaning solution you can get from your local hardware store. Fourth, if needed, seal & stain.

man repairing wood deck, nashville tn

Is Your Deck Ready for Spring? (www.mtfencedeck.com)

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