5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer in the Winter

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#5 Pet Doors

Check the weather stripping around your pet doors for drafts. You can use a lit candle to check for drafts. Repair or replace the weather stripping to keep that cold air out.

#4 Ceiling Fans

Reverse the ceiling fan airflow to force hot air down. This will keep that hot air from rising and spread the heat throughout your home

#3 Heavy Drapes

Replace your curtains with heavier drapes in the Winter. This will help keep cold air from the windows from impacting your room temperature.

#2 Skip the Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace uses more energy to heat a home than your central heating unit does. They’re great for heating one room but not your entire home. A wood fireplace is a much more energy-efficient alternative to using your central heating unit.

#1 The Winter Sun

The low-hanging Winter Sun is your friend especially in windows facing South and West. Open up your curtains and drapes during the day and let the Sun help keep your home warmer.

These 5 simple things can make a huge difference in keeping hot air in and your energy bill down. Inflation is killing us all right now and every little bit helps. I hope these 5 tips can help you save a little and help your family stay warm this Winter.

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