Ten Hard Facts About Selling Your Home

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That’s a Fact Jack-The Hard Sell of Real Estate.

This article is not for the faint at heart as we will go over common practices that occur during the sale of a home. It is a Seller’s Market in the Nashville Area right now. So take these to heart and be prepared to get the most you can for your home.

1. A Clean, Uncluttered Home Sells

A dirty home can knock big money off of the listing price of a home. Remember, we are in the middle of a pandemic and a dirty home makes people feel unsafe. So put in a little elbow grease and make sure those baseboards are shining!

2. Repairs Left Undone Will Cost More in the End

Repairs will cost you less off your bottom line if completed prior to putting your home on the market. When a potential Buyer schedules a showing for your home they are emotionally involved. If they see a repair that needs to be made they will wonder what other repairs are there that they can’t see. This will make them possibly ask for a reduction more costly than the actual repair.

3. Buyers will Negotiate the Price After an Inspection

This is when that undone repair will cost you the most. In Tennessee, you have a 3 day window after you receive the Buyer’s repair request to negotiate a solution or the Buyer can get out of the contract. It is during this window that price negotiation vs. home repairs occur. If I see that several repairs are needed when I go to my pre listing appointment. I always suggest that my clients hire a Home Inspector to conduct a pre-inspection prior to putting the home on the market. This is a great way to find out the major hidden repairs that need to be completed.

4. Don’t Stick Around When Buyers are Present

Buyers love to ask as many questions to the home seller as possible and I don’t blame them at all. This will probably be the biggest investment of their life. The Buyer and the Buyers agent will try and pick apart every detail about the home to find a reason to offer you less money or worse find out you need to move.

5. A Smelly Home Always Sells For Less Money

Potential buyers use sight and smell when viewing homes and there is nothing worse than pet odors, smoking or even cooking. I advise all of my clients that are smokers or have pets to have their home professionally cleaned and then run a HEPA machine all day, every day until the new owner’s take possession. If you smoke, I always advise the need to smoke outside until the home is sold. Showing a home that smells of cigarette smoke or pet odors will definitely make you lose money.

6. Buyers Must Envision Themselves Living in your Home

You want the potential buyer to imagine sitting in front of your fireplace or enjoying the view outside from the upstairs bonus room. This requires taking the “you” out of the equation by removing family photos from the wall and family keepsakes need to be put away. I always tell my clients that their home will sell so get a head start on packing and pack all of the family photos first. You won’t your home to be a neutral place that makes everyone feel welcome and at home.

7. Cooperate with All Parties in the Transaction

The name of the game is cooperation. Don’t fight the Buyer on every repair that is presented after the home inspection. Try and come to a mutual agreement and 9 times out of 10 the Seller will benefit. Remember, the Buyer has made an offer that you accepted and you both want this to be a favorable transaction.

8. Make Sure All Potential Buyers are Pre-approved

This will only help you sell your home faster. Tell your agent that you don’t want anyone viewing the home that doesn’t have a lender pre-approval letter for the amount of your listing price. There is no need for Billy to come view your home if he doesn’t have the credit worthiness or capital to purchase it.

9. Home Video Tours and Professional Photos Sell

I offer professional photos and virtual walk-through videos for FREE to all of my clients. It is the agent’s job to put the best light on the product. Virtual walk-throughs are a great way to get really interested clients to come to your home especially today with the concern of COVID-19.

10. Closing Date is Moving Day

Once your closing day arrives all of your items should be packed up and loaded on the truck. You will be giving the keys of your home to the new owners at your home closing. So be sure and don’t wait until the last minute to get everything out.

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